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Llloyds Offer A Wide Range Of Stylish, Classic, Quality Garden Furniture.

The 2014 range has been carefully selected to bring you timeless classic designs which will never go out of fashion. From all weather Rattan for A Grade Teak you can be assured that your new furniture will last decades not just years.

Lloyds Outdoor Furniture has been built for commercial use. This means it is built with to last, and withstand daily use. Each item has beed carefully chosen for being durable and hard wearing.

Choose from a wide range of Outdoor Dining Sets, from small Bistro Sets, Garden Benches, Loungers and  through to 10 Seater Teak with Parasol with everything in between.

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Teak Dining Sets

Teak is one of the best woods to use for garden furniture. It has natural oils which protect it from the weather, keeping it looking good all year round.

It can be kept in it's natural state without treatment of any kind. In this state the wood will turn grey coloured over time which is completly natural. If you would like to keep the teak lloking like new it can be treated with a sealant to preserve the golden honey colur.

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Rattan Dining Sets

Rattan is fast becoming the number 1 material for outdoor furniture.

The main reason for this is it's weather ressiatance. Most rattan for sale is All Weather PE Rattan which is manufactured from polythene a form a plastic which is safe to use and can be recycled.

Rattan comes in many different colours, styles, thicknesses and shapes so there is always something for everyone. The round rattan weave such as in the picture on the left is more suited to indoor use or conservatory use whereas the flat weave is used more often than not outdoors.

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Patio Furniture

Patio furniture tends to fall into the category of small garden furniture.

Most small yards, terraces and garden owners often opt for Bistro Sets. The term Bistro comes from  France and simply means small restaurant. In these small venues the owners used small 2 and 4 seater tables as there wan't much room for anything else.

So a Bistro set is simply a dining set for a small area.

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